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CARRIER ERCD: a wide range of hydraulic collars 29/08/2012

Find out in the new Carrier spare parts catalog theAi??wide range of hydraulic collars with several diameters available . Victaulic collars meet the needs of variedAi?? piping assembly. These collars are made of 3 principal elements: the segment, the gasket together with bolts and nuts. These collars offer a simple and cost-effective solution for the … Continue reading

The various functions of filters driers 18/07/2012

The filter drier is a major component to insure the reliability and durability of a system. The use of filter driers is essential to: Keep the impurities Protect the system from damp Protect the system from acids Filter drier cores remove moisture, acids, and debris from the system. Choosing the right filter drier core is … Continue reading

Vernolab oil test: a cost effective check ! 26/06/2012

A PROFITABLE, QUICK AND RELIABLE SOLUTION Oil appears as a decisive element in a air-conditioning installation. Thus CARRIER recommends to regularly control the oil quality of units. An efficient analysis and diagnosis allow to identify the potential of degradation and contamination that can impact the installation operations. WHY USING OIL TESTS? Lubricants carry a lot … Continue reading